The 10 BEST Android apps and games released in 2020!

Join us as we round up the best new Android apps and Android games released in 2020!

Best Android apps –

Best Android games –

Firefox Daylight –
Pokemon Home –
Plexamp –
Zoom –
Exposure Notification API –
Legends of Runeterra –
Dead Cells –
Levelhead –
Sky: Children of Light –
Genshin Impact –

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36 thoughts on “The 10 BEST Android apps and games released in 2020!”

  1. Hi everybody!

    Thank you for watching 🙂 I do encourage you to check out our written versions of each list as well because we list a total of 50+ apps and games between the two lists. The video is just a shortened version with the stuff I believe to be the best, but the lists are more definitive. Yes, Among Us is listed in the games article, if not the video (I wanted to give more love to the 2020 games in the video). In any case, if you have any feedback or comments, leave em and I'll try to read 'em all! Much love, thank you for watching, and I'll see you all in 2021!

    -Joe Hindy

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  3. I need help anyone know a good replacement of iOS shortcuts app for android? I just moved to android and i need that shortcuts app. To make everything faster. Like when im about to go to bed I can click bedtime and wifi automatically goes off alarm goes on and brightness down until i press morning which is the reverse of all that. Any idea anyone? Does android have such app?

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