TemTem (the Pokemon-Like MMO) is NOT what I thought.

Temtem, a very Pokemon-like monster collecting MMO that’s coming to Nintendo Switch, isn’t exactly what I thought it would be. So here is my Honest thoughts on a really fun, little bit too much like Pokemon, Creature Collecting Caper.

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36 thoughts on “TemTem (the Pokemon-Like MMO) is NOT what I thought.”

  1. "TemTem (the Pokemon-Like MMO) is NOT what I thought" – and that's fine! You know what else is fine? You. Because you hit those 'Like' and 'Subscribe' buttons, right?

  2. TemTem WAS made before Sword and shield. I think it was made BEFORE Pickachu and eevee games. At the time it wasnt a thing. It got released into access in 2019, but its updating hasnt really done much.

  3. I don't know if you will read this, but the next big update will be the official release and I think it would be cool if you checked it out again, now that it's polished and with more features to make it more like an mmo

  4. The final island is about to release in less than 24 hours, I would like to see you review TemTem again either after this update, or once the game is fully finished 😊 (I believe the story will be finished after this coming update, but there will be more features added later, so the 1.0 release isn't until early 2022).

  5. I'm just waiting on PalWorld. I can't wait to force my Pals to work in a gun factory then murder them when they're done so they can't snitch and get me arrested. lol

  6. MMO is its own title in and of itself. It doesnt only pertain to RPGs… Common mistake. As it only means massive Multiplayer… Battlefield is an MMO… Its massive multiplayer. And when put as MMO just means Role playing with a lot of people. Battlefield is one as well MMO shooter..

  7. I think so many Pokémon based or Pokémon inspired are just Pokémon but slightly better/cooler and they don’t really move away from the core concept and gameplay enough to become different and unique enough to not be a Pokémon clone in a lot of ways.

  8. As a TemTem player in 2021 I can say that most of the initial issues in this have review have been adressed. The game isn't finished yet but there is more cooperative content in the form of two five man dungeon instances where you can battle your way through to a final fight with a Mythical temtem and even acquire said temtem. the quest log is finished, there is competitive matchmaking for battles. there's more gear to hunt down and side quests to do for interesting rewards. There's a wider variety of temtem with very interesting and unique designs and activities with weekly resets that players can earn money and other rewards for completing. It definetly feels more like an mmo now than it did in 2020. I'd still recommend waiting for the full release but if you love the turn based gameplay and core mechanics of pokemon and have been wishing for that in an online game then there's no better time to hop in than now!

  9. Playing for the first time here in mid-2021. I really like it. The battles are more challenging than Pokémon, and they’re more engaging. A few tiny issues here and there, but nothing extremely noteworthy so far in my experience. That art work and aesthetics are my favorite part.

  10. I want to play temtem again, but my old laptop what was able to run it with a little slow is death now. And my new laptop can't even load it on.😭

  11. Honesty so far I think Tem Tem is better than pokemon.
    It is so similar that it is basically a pokemon game. But the last few pokemon games have been so easy that I steamrolled every opponent and never blacked out once. So just being a pokemon game that is challenging, is all I wanted in the first place.

  12. If you like Pokemon or TemTem then you need to check out an upcoming game called Chainmonsters. The alpha is due soon and it will be on Switch on its full release in 2022 (I know as I played the pre alpha in 2019 and I am a kickstarter backer)

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