Superb TV Box!!! Ugoos UT8 64bit Rockchip RK3568 DDR4 Android 11 TV Box

Ugoos UT8 64bit Rockchip RK3568 DDR4 Android 11 TV Box Review
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Intro: 0:0
Unboxing: 0:54
I/O Ports: 1:20
Launcher Features: 2:30
System and Hardware info: 5:04
Root access Magisk: 6:50
DRM Info Netflix: 8:00
YouTube: 9:10
Mobile Screen Casting: 9:30
Mobile remote control: 10:00
Voice Remote Google Assistant:11:00
Alternative Launchers: 11:50
4K HDR Video Playback: 12:20
Dolby Atmos/DTS Audio: 15:00
3D Gaming/Keymapping: 17:30
Benchmarks: 19:52
Rankings Chart: 22:00
Pros and Cons: 22:34
Deals and Discounts: 23:00

✅ UT8 Hardware
CPU – Rockchip RK3566 quad-core 1.99GHz
GPU – ARM Mali G52
Internal Storage – 32GB
WiFi – Dual-Band ax 2.4GHz + 5.8GHz Wi-Fi 6
LAN – RJ45 1000Mbps
Bluetooth – 5.1

✅Ugoos UT8 IO Ports
1 HDMI 2.1
3 USB 3.0
1 USB 2.0
1 RJ45 LAN 1000Mbps
1 AV
1 Optical audio
1 Micro SD
Dual Antennas

Antutu – 115,038
Geekbench4 – 813 Single-core | 2131 Multi-core
Ice Storm Extreme -8293
Sling Shot – 881
Slingshot Extreme – 594
RAM Copy – 4323 MB/s
Internal Storage – 96 MB/s Read  |  37 MB/s write
Wi-Fi – 5GHz Max Bandwidth 2.4GHz 38% (based on network speed of 250Mbps)
LAN – GB LAN Max Bandwidth (based on network speed of 250Mbps)

✅Advanced Features
NEW!! CPU Rockchip RK3568 1.99GHz / Mali G52 GPU
64bit architecture 32/64 ABIs
DDR4 RAM 4GB / 32GB internal storage
Bluetooth Air-Mouse w/voice search Google assist
Android 11 OS mobile version / regular updates
Full access to Google Play Store no restrictions
Root switch Magisk
Navigation bar / status bar Full
Wi-Fi 6 max speed over 250Mbps
Ethernet LAN 1000Mbps Max speed over 250Mbps
Bluetooth 5.1 stable
Most unique advanced firmware features
4K 2160p w/HDR on US brand TVs LG/Samsung
Dolby Atmos/DTS-X/DTS-HD MA/Dolby Sur/DolbyTrueHD
4K HDR videos/Dolby Vision videos play well
Kodi media player/Streaming APKs work well
Alternative launchers work
Built-in Screen rotation / Hardware monitor work
Mobile screen mirroring Miracast/DLNA/Wi-Fi display
Advanced Ugoos mobile remote control feature
Good 64bit 3D gaming / 32bit and 64bit keymapping
Coolest temps ever during gaming below 60°C

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36 thoughts on “Superb TV Box!!! Ugoos UT8 64bit Rockchip RK3568 DDR4 Android 11 TV Box”

  1. the reason people buy these types of devices are not for the paid apps. this device has issues running apps of unknown sources. there is a serious optimization issue running APK's and KODI. i have a AM6 (4 gig of ram) and it runs smoother than this box. YouTube has issues on this device and even the Play Store don't have the apps I'm use to. the UT8 Pro is far from what i expected. You don't feel the 8 gigs of ram and this is coming from a UGOOS fan. I'm waiting for the next update hoping it gets better

  2. Is the box can play 4k video YouTube without any problem and is it play on 4:3 or 16:9?
    Can you fast forward when you play video YouTube after u change the quality display?
    Thank you

  3. Hopefully we will see the stronger RK3588 TV boxes by the end of the year. The new dev board coming from Radxa looks like a beast. But both the Linux and Android firmwares are still under heavy development.

  4. The internal write speed is abysmal for what is generally perceived to be a better name brand in the TV box market.

    The statements regarding the new Antutu score is confusing as there is no explanation of what the normal score may be. Running the new version on a competing SOC would give more context to the score.

    I expect the upcoming RK3588 to potentially decimate the market and will wait for this to come.

  5. The problem with these boxes for me is that my cellphone (Samsung S10) does everything faster and better with DEX. You could purchase an S8 for half the price of this unit and get far better performance off the Snapdragon 835.

  6. Wow, Ugoos did it again and another choice… I just wish these were easier to get in Canada but definitely worth the wait when ordering from across the pond. Excellent review as always ✌🏾🔆👍🏾

  7. Hi Nick 😊🇵🇭✌️

    1 AUX IN

    I noticed this feature, does that mean it will take in a microphone input and if so can it be used for Zoom video calls? TYSM 😊🇵🇭✌️

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