SquareMoji – Early Demo Release – Game made with GDevelop ( 100% Free 2D Game Engine )

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A quick gameplay and game update video of SquareMoji Island, which is a game i am making in Gdevelop 5.

Please feel free to leave you feedback and suggestions, i really take them seriously and use them to improve my game.

DOWNLOAD the Latest Demo Here: https://wishforge.itch.io/squaremoji-alpha-demo

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46 thoughts on “SquareMoji – Early Demo Release – Game made with GDevelop ( 100% Free 2D Game Engine )”

  1. When you spawned the blocks, I immediately thought they looked like enemies. Might be cool if you could spawn them to use them but then they start chasing you

  2. Your tutorials are so good and helpful…. Thanks for your tireless efforts….

    Please, the aquaremoji character, what did you use in designing it?

  3. Plz make a complete game tutorial like square moji from scratch to end, plz need, I want to learn how did you made that attack system, and the main screen background animation, and how your background in the game was following the character, plz need it soon

  4. maybe you can add a speedrun level which is basically a normal level but maybe at the beginning of the level you can start a wall of fire that will start to move and chase you from the left side of the screen to the right side and you have to finish the level before the wall catch you or you can make it like a lava that will start from the bottom of the level and move up, and also you can add a new enemy that whenever you touch it it will stick with you with some kind of a glue or a rope and it will make you jump more difficult and it will release you after 5 seconds or something like that

  5. mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn this is awesome I'm really proud and happy for you, I'll try to support you as much as I can because you deserve that

  6. thx for your work, i learned a lot with your tutorials. i wish you the best for your game, i especially like the colors and i wish i could do 1% of all the things you already can do with gdevelop.

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