Slay the Spire "Clones" are getting RIDICULOUS!

What happens when you make a game that’s loved by many, many people? You get people inspired, that’s what! Let’s take a look at six Slay the Spire “clones”.

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Introduction – 0:00
One Step from Eden – 1:31
Royal Booty Quest – 3:51
Pirates Outlaws – 6:44
Necronator: Dead Wrong – 10:26
Poker Quest – 13:41
Monster Train – 18:45
Outro – 22:24

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One Step from Eden:
Royal Booty Quest:
Pirates Outlaws:
Necronator: Dead Wrong:
Poker Quest:
Monster Train:

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28 thoughts on “Slay the Spire "Clones" are getting RIDICULOUS!”

  1. good games need other new games to try and walk in their wake. If this didnt happen we wouldnt even have World of Warcraft cuz it copied of Everquest which copied off Muds which copied off DND. I mean, theres gunna be shitty ones and blatant bad copies but overall, im glad this happens. lol i said this before i got to the end then realized u said the same shit at the end xD

  2. Artifacts are just a rougue like mechanic. Most games you mention are just victims to the genre rather then clones. Eden comparison was a huge streach.

  3. I do like Poker Quest, but I agree with what this guy says: without being able to prevent damage consistently with most characters, runs end up failing prematurely way to fucking often for no fault of your own. It's like playing actual Poker: you are far more likely to lose than to win independently from how good you are

  4. While Dungeon Tales might be another shameless clone, at least its Warlock class has innovative mechanics such as Cripple(mitigates damage for a turn like Block, but as an attack-reducing debuff on a specific enemy, compared to StS where all classes use Block), as well as various debuff manipulations & interactions. Campfires always having free card removal(with ramping cost but resets to zero at each new campfire) is also a welcome change. Lack of upgrades isn't though, and the map's different paths tend to be too similar to each other compared to StS's

  5. Isn't Poker Quest more like Dicey Dungeons but with Poker cards & combinations? You put your pre-rolled/drawn randomizer objects into action boxes to activate them

    That's a nice take on the Dicey-like format though, I wonder what's next. Roguelike pachinko or pinball? Mahjong? Dominoes?

    I prefer DD's abstract boxes though, since they can represent anything from items, spells, actions, etc. They're also easier to mod since they don't require any art asset, just idea put into code/script and description text

  6. For mobile users I would actually recommend Pirates Outlaws as the best of its kind. Even more enjoyable to play than StS itself.

  7. Some of my favorite roguelite deckbuilding games are Dream Quest (which predates Slay the Spire and is absolutely fantastic in every way), Meteorfall (which is still being actively worked on and has a lot of charm), and Void Tyrant (which is based around a press-your-luck, blackjack-style mechanic). Hearthstone also has some cool Spire-type alternate game modes.

    Not a roguelite, but also check out Calculords if you love blowing your mind with deckbuilding. I can’t describe it in a way that will make it sound fun, but it is fun.

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