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From the creators of Flow, Flower, and Journey comes Sky: Children of the Light, another beautiful adventure through a world of …

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  1. Someone was helping me when an enemy was about to attack me, they distracted it and sacrificed themselves to save me. I spent time calling out to them, but I never saw them again 😭

  2. I’ve played for a while and I just don’t get the point of the game. After you beat it a few times there’s just NO point whatsoever

  3. It isn't an ending.
    It is a loop.
    You just sacrifice all the spirits you collected on the way for a few condensed in game currency, which you can use to unlock more "gestures" and some customisation options.
    I invested an entire day doing a series of really tedious skating quests, which involved running up and down the same bloody mountain 4-5 times.
    The quest ended with an animation.
    An animation.
    So, it was a cut scene, that was the reward.
    I have never felt more trolled, because until that point, the game sets you up to understand that by doing tedious tasks and helping spirits, you earn rewards.
    Not only did it give me nothing, imagine how upset I was when the game finished and all my upgrades were gone.
    There is this section after you "finish" the game (commit suicide) that involves you flying in a straight path, allowing no deviation, for quite some time.
    If the idea is to farm spirits and keep sacrificing them in an endless loop, it would make sense to expedite the whole thing and include the credits during that flight section, but oh no, the credits are separate.
    Don't even get me started on the tug of war between the camera and the in game physics…

    You will be doing some pain staking platforming with obstacles or enemies present, and the stupid camera will suddenly pan away, forcing you to make a wrong move, making you start over or have to go backwards.
    This was a big problem for many games on the N64, so I cannot imagine the reason to justify this into the completed design of this game.
    Complete bullshit, totally baits you into spending money.
    The only laugh I get is that I know I spent nothing, and I was disappointed; just imagine the whales who spent actual money on candles and spirits….only to have them stripped away at the end!!!

  4. The way multiplayer communication is implemented is genius. taking other players by the hand is such a great idea and this could very well be implemented in other multiplayers games of other sorts in a similar fashion.

  5. I got the game recently and after a little while playing it another player came up to me and we became friends and they took me by the hand and took me to so many levels and showed me where many spirits were for about an hour. When I had to go, I yawned, waved goodbye and we hugged. I've never seen a more beautiful multilayer mechanic than the one in this game, it's simplistic and optional nature makes interactions kinder.

  6. I played and got to the last level
    I had an amazing friend helping me
    And… I lost them… They died right in front of me… And it was extremely traumatizing

    But overall other than that…. This game is freaking amazing!!
    I encourage you to play it

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