Secret Room Escape Episode 1 Walkthrough – 2Ends (B&DANGLE)

Secret Room Escape Episode 1 Walkthrough (B&DANGLE) Secret Room Walkthrough – Bad End True End #SecretRoom …

24 thoughts on “Secret Room Escape Episode 1 Walkthrough – 2Ends (B&DANGLE)”

  1. I'm still confused why hana shut the door on the officer on the first ending, and how did she manage to open the door? I have so many questions. I can't wait for episode 2!!

  2. This game is genuinely the hardest puzzle game Ive ever played- I am both thrilled for the next part to come out and terrified at the thought of having to attempt these puzzles without your help! I've never been so sure that I'm stupid lmao… Thank you so much for the awesome walkthrough!

  3. I'm so tired of this game. I struggle for hours and looked it up on yt to find nothing. Today, I finally found this video only to get even more mad at how hard this game is. Thank you for saving me hours of having to use my brain.

  4. I'm still missing two achievements. One says Constructor put the torn-off tile back in the bathroom. And the second one says Justification excuse to justify one self. Did I miss anything? Im really confused, I did both endings, I even decided to complete both endings with having the two cds of the surveillance and the USB surveillance in case they would still apply so something at the endings.

  5. Ich komme mit dem fernsehen nicht klar mit der farbe Und wenn ich raus gehe dann ist ein andere farben und ich brauche denn Schlüssel für den kasten wo die spinne drine ist weil ich brauche auch den Sicherung

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