Run LÖVE Games on Android – APK Generation and Installation

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This video outlines the steps needed to run LÖVE projects on Android devices. There are 3 main sections:

Installing Android Tools – 1:38
Generating the APK – 8:20
Installing on Your Android Device – 15:52

When mobile was first introduced for LÖVE, it was possible to run .love projects without generating an APK, but this process appears to no longer be possible, according to the love-android FAQ page. If anything changes with this, I will upload a new video discussing this method.

13 thoughts on “Run LÖVE Games on Android – APK Generation and Installation”

  1. I have a mistake when I enter "./gradlew assembleNormal"
    And the mistake: that he did not find java, although I have java

    And what kind of java do you have?

  2. Hi Kyle, I was trying publish my game to Google Play, I signed my apk but I have to change the application name in the AndroidManifest.xml file because when I try to upload the apk to the Google Play Console; I am getting the " is already exist" error. How can I fix it?

    Thank for this wonderful tutorial by the way.

  3. Very clear tutorial, however I encountered two issues, first I had to install the Java JDK and second (which is unresolved) the powershell returns an error about the file ''.

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