Run Android Apps in Chrome Browser

Here is how you can run android apps in the Chrome Web browser. We will use ARChon to run Android apps in Chrome on …

28 thoughts on “Run Android Apps in Chrome Browser”

  1. thanks for this amazing video. Logged in youtube to put a like and comment for you! 😀 i could not make the apk run but i think it is app related. It just stays in android logo.

  2. I'm using a Chrome OS device, so I don't have any Cmdprompt or Windows powershell because those are ONLY for windows OS, what I have is CROSH Shell (the cmdprompt of Chrome OS devices), when I enter that code it gives me an error of "ERROR: unknown command: npm" and "ERROR: unknown command: sudo" so stuck on that part

  3. @Bennett Bytes i have one question i do not know; if i install an apk to my chrome user, will the application use the same IP on every chrome user i installed the application? i am banned on the website but i can use the app with no problems.

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