Real Racing 3 – Formula E – How To Manage Battery Life

Formula E – How To Manage Battery Life
Season 6 – Tier 7.3

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24 thoughts on “Real Racing 3 – Formula E – How To Manage Battery Life”

  1. The bots in my game is different, in the corner fast corner (the one that will continue with the straight/the "race start" straight), my bots doesn't brake/coast and keep the throttle on, it's really different and it makes me harder to pass them, the bots have the different braking points…

  2. It's easy
    The use of battere is of 5% per lap in full push, just use the 4% in lap 1 and 2 and finish the race easy with a reserve of 2% that could be' used It you are not good at overtaking
    This battery management is really east
    In the longer races just overtake at least until p3 if you can( PS It's easy to get in p1 with fast bots but ok)
    Berlin E prix 20 laps
    P3 in lap 4
    Stay behind the leader Jaguar until lap 9, you will conserve something like 6% extra battery because his race pace is 2 seconds slower so you need to brake earlier and will conserve a way more battery because you have Someone to follow of you are not expert of energy saving and then you could go full gas and run away for the rest of the race and finish with more than 3% left

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