Razer Kishi Xbox Game Pass XCloud Gameplay Review

The Razer Kishi is one of the controller’s that Microsoft is recommending for its Xbox Game Pass (XCloud) service. This video is …

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  1. So what do you think of the Razer Kishi with the Xbox Game Pass (XCloud) streaming service? Can you see yourself using it? Will it benefit those who maybe can't access a console or afford to buy one? Will Apple ever back down and let it launch on iOS?

  2. Instead of Steam Deck or etc since I have an S21Ultra and just upgraded to Verizon Get More unlimited and upgraded to 4K for $10 more and while at Verizon they sold me a Razer Kishi for android for $50 like $20 discount. I still have to get used to it. I'm also going to get the Samsung 32" Qled 60 4K, it's twice as much as a 1080 but I think this is better than a console. I also got the Xpass Ultimate for android $15 month first month $1, gaming and dam it's the best. I'm a truck driver and it's a great setup for a beginner like me experimenting looking for ways to make it work for gaming.

  3. Sir, this is, u have razer kishi, can u try in s21 reguler plis, i want to know how look in front and back if used on s21 reguler 🙏🙏

  4. hello sir can i play xbox games with this controller via xbox app(game is streaming through my console) , normally i use xbox controller(via bluetooth) and it supports it .

  5. Just got the Kishi today and tried this out with Forza Horizons on my Galaxy S9 Plus. I am flabbergasted that this works so well. I honestly can't believe it. I have an S20 coming in a few days. I'm subbed through December 2022 with Game Pass Ultra, so this is going to make my son's Pokoyo / Oddbods / Sesame Street binging on the family 4K MUCH more tolerable.

  6. So, xCloud service is like an Arcade Game subscribe model from Apple except that I don’t have to download a game on my phone storage but using Streaming service from xcloud instead correct? Then all i have to prepare is the strong internet connection and external controller for playing the hundred of game after subscribe monthly and sign up with xbox account. And for this service i also don’t have to own the X box. Well i have to say that this is like a XBox Switch device!!

  7. I just had a question If free games like Apex, Fortnite and Warzone can be played using XCloud..I Have a Xbox one and Xcloud isn't available in my country yet. It will soon be coming in a few months so, Just curious to know.

  8. Imagine just having xcloud with a Razer kishi and a switch. You would never be bored. Imagine if PlayStation did something like this

  9. I bought an iPad Pro the morning Microsoft announced that Xcloud isn’t coming to iOS, i don’t check twitter that day because I was preparing to move. Nothing can hurt me any more. I am already At rock bottom.

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