Razer Kishi Unboxing – PUBG | COD Mobile Gameplay Test

In this unboxing video, i will show razer kishi universal android gaming controller hands on. What’s inside the box and also play some cloud gaming which includes pubg mobile, call of duty mobile android games etc.

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22 thoughts on “Razer Kishi Unboxing – PUBG | COD Mobile Gameplay Test”

  1. For every one wanting to buy a razor Kishi to play pubg…they do not support each other!!! This video is a lie..they have neve been compatible with each other and the razor company have just called me a lier for stating this video!! I would not touch this controller..it does not support !

  2. Hello, could you tell me how you could play call of duty mobile with the razer kishi since it is not compatible and I would like to know how to configure it

  3. How do u connect the controller coz i cant connect. I saw some videos they use other controllers to connect but i dont have xbox or ps4 controllers

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