Razer Kishi Review The Best Android Controller?

In this video, we take a look at and test out the all-new Razer Kishi USB Type C Android controller!
This is not a Bluetooth controller it actually connects to your Android phone ver USB type C and it enables Ultra-low input latency.
It works with almost any android games that have controller support, Its also woks with Geforce Now, Project Cloud Stadia, and Steam link plus its fully compatible with our favorite emulators like Dolphin, PPSSPP, Citra, Retroarch and many many more!

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41 thoughts on “Razer Kishi Review The Best Android Controller?”

  1. I just got this controller yesterday, and so far it seems to work really really well with my Pixel 4a 5G. Especially great for PSP emulation. And I love that there's no noticeable input lag, and that I can still charge my phone with the controller connected. However, I have a real big gripe with it, and it's that I can't use wired headphones with it because it blocks the headphone jack of the phone. Not the end of the world, but it would have been nice to have some kind of headphone jack built into the controller. I guess I'll be on the lookout for some low latency bluetooth earbuds to get around this issue.

  2. TOP 5 Mobile Game Controller

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  3. i hate how it doesnt support a case. removing it everytime to use this is kind of a bummer for me. but i may have to deal with it since this seems like the best controller for phones even in 2021

  4. if you see this dont buy this controller buy a wireless xbox 360 or xbox one controller the kishi hasnt had a firmware update since this video game apps themselves have to add support remapping software like octopus and others does not work unless you strictly use your phone for game emulation it does not work properly for any other games that is why i recommend the wireless xbox one controller if you use xbox game pass it does have native support for that out of the box but yeah the firmware cant be updated cause they never worked on a new one its still at 2.70 no matter if you hit check it doesnt give you indicators that its checking its just a blank button like many reviews on the google play store on the app say please just get a xbox controller allot of games support that natively no problem without remapping software and remapping softwares out there do support xbox controllers natively

  5. I just picked one up, and when it comes I will be testing Poco X3 Pro, Galaxy A51, Galaxy A20s, and a few others to see how it performs

  6. No talk about how any part of the controller physically feels? This seems more like a setup than a review but still nice video, just some feedback 🙂

  7. I don't expect anyone to see this, but if you do, the Moto G-Fast that was mentioned in the video as fitting great is 9.1 mm thick. Official specs for the Kishi are max 8.8 mm thickness. My Moto G7 Power is 9.3 mm thick. Will it fit?

  8. Mine arrived today and pretty happy with it. Fits a Poco F3 like a glove. Only minor gripe is d-pad isn't the best, especially for rapid accurate input (digital to analogue or similar settings works great in retroarch to use thumbstick instead of d-pad)
    I didn't realise the triggers were pressure sensitive (great for racing and gc games!) Cheers

  9. Why the duck does it say for iphone on it and there is no Android version? I mean my Android has a ducking USB c port so what don't they want money from Android users or wtf razer can i use this shut or what is the problem????

  10. Great video as always. But question.!

    Would you rather use the Kishi or an Xbox or Playstation controller. For best effect and functionality.?

    I mean yeah the kishi will probably be a little more portable. But that seems to be all it has over regular controllers. So is it functionality on par or better. For its form factor and design. Or is the functionality of real controllers actually Superior to functionality of this mobile controller?

    Also I have the s21 ultra. Which they say doesn't fit without removing the inserts. Also you have to take off the case.

    So with that in mind even if the functionality is similar to a standard console controller. Do you think because I would have to remove the case every time I wanted to use it that I should just stick with a regular console controller?

    Your input would be extremely valuable thank you.!

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