Time to rank every new game I played on the channel in 2021… Grab your snacks, this is gonna be a long one!

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34 thoughts on “RANKING EVERY NEW GAME I PLAYED IN 2021…”

  1. I actually forgot one game, Darkest Dungeon II, which would be happily placed in C tier as I did not care for it and thought it was pretty unfinished. I'm excited to relook at it after a bunch of updates.

  2. Came to see the ranking for Roll, stayed for the pogged commentary and analysis. I think super fair and honest ratings all around. Wish I had more time to watch your vids and play more of these amazing games!

  3. I love these in-depth analysis, I bet it also helps you to understand your own tastes (both for fun and content) doing this!

    Also, glad I wasn't in delirium about the snake game dev.

  4. With Archvale, even if I love the game, it would be better as an early access. It has a couple of bugs, it can get samey because of lack of side things to do as it got cut out due to time constraints, (farming, quests, building), it is short and replayability still isnt really great for some. What it presents is great, but it just needs more time. I really hope you will give it a try after a couple of content patches. Other games I do not really have an additional thought about it.

  5. Hype, been waiting on this, ma dude. 😎👌

    Chicory, isn't that the game where they ask you what your favourite food is and then use your answer to name your character in the game?

  6. I would have separated the games and the demos in two different lists because it's not a fair comparison.
    And I prefer Slice & Dice over Circadian Dice, even if both are definitely S-Tier.
    Great list overall, Love to see what other fun games you'll play this year!

  7. Man seeing how many of these amazing games had to end simply because they had low views bums me out, I totally get it but damn I'd do anything for another circadian dice episode…


  8. I was expecting to be pissed off, but aside from Inscryption (it's a B tier at best and I am firmly standing by this) Slice & Dice and LbaL (both are easily S-tier) this is pretty much how I'd rank them tbh

    Also…. the reason Fuzz Force felt like a board game is because it is a board game! The website's got a printable set of pages to play it at home, which threw me for a loop when I found out

  9. Honestly. Seeing loop hero at the lowest tier, is weirdly something i can apreciate, its fun for like the first boss, then the grind sets in and if you can make it to the final boss. Well. You have legit 0 reason to touch it again after making it to the point, and due to its massive grind forced progression. It actually promotes never playing it again as new playthroughs if you arent a person that enjoys spending time grinding instead of actual progression and seeing the same things over and over again

  10. For snekrx, I don't give a shit what the creator of something has done if it doesn't effect the thing itself, most music creators are horrible people but their music can still slap.

  11. i am so incredibly disappointed you put peglin in c tier, considering the demo was my goty, otherwise though pretty decent list

    ps. the early access version of peglin releases sometime before april

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