Ranking Every Game I Played in 2021 | Year End Review

I played 31 games this year. Let’s see how they stack up, some new, some old. Some good, Some Bad.
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39 thoughts on “Ranking Every Game I Played in 2021 | Year End Review”

  1. I'm glad your channel is growing I've been watching some of your videos for the past few days and I think your content is great. Your reviews are not too long nor too short. They're fantastic, good content. You got a new subscriber 😉

  2. Fallout 3 causes a much better impression aesthetically than new vegas. Its mood, atmosphere, and humor are all so iconic, no matter the obvious egregious faults with the main quest. The world design verisimilitude became the major target for critiques after Mr. Btongue's video back in the day, but it's not a problem for me, I see it as just a different approach than that of new vegas; it's fantasy rather than sci-fi, and it's not a problem for me personally, and the whole absurdity of it all it's incredibly immersive for me (the opposite effect of the people who criticize it I guess), and I could say the same thing about the settings of Bioshock.

  3. I completely get the Fallout 3 over Fallout New Vegas, I don't want to get to into it as you said you have videos coming out. Either way love the video and idea!

  4. If you haven't played, please go play darkwood. It's the greatest game ever. And if you like horror, which you do. Play tarkov haha 😄

  5. The one thing I'll give Fallout 3 credit for is the map/exploration, but it just doesn't really have anything over New Vegas otherwise objectively speaking. As for what you said about Fallout 1's bleak and depressing overtones being lost by every other game in the franchise. I have to disagree; while not as obvious in your face as the original game, the bleakness can still be found in Fallout 2 and New Vegas, more so the latter than the former. For instance there are consequences for killing the Kahns in Fallout 1 that follows in 2 and even new vegas. Canonically the Kahns had their entire tribe genocide by the vault dweller, the chosen one and the NCR. Then there's also the Companion storyline with Boone and his wife, he loved her but the town hated her since she didn't want to live there so someone sold her out into slavery leading to Boone killing his pregnant wife b/c he couldn't save. Boone was also involved in the NCR's genocide of Great Kahns. And many of the companions in Fallout New Vegas have pretty depressing backgrounds and even endings though some are just depressing if you chose to not help them while others pretty bleak no matter what you do to help them, Veronica's realization that the BOS are pretty much doomed if they don't make some needed changes. As for you rating Fallout 2 lower than 1 I agree but not really for the same reason. The pop culture and jokes are definitely way too frequent but I never really had my immersion broken because of it. I rate Fallout 2 lower than 1 because it's just not didn't have the same quality that Fallout 1 had, similarly to Fallout New Vegas we are talking about a game made in year which is impressive in of itself but the end product is just not the same quality as Fallout 1. Can't speak for Fallout community but your rankings for the Fallouts and reasons for it are more "meh I disagree" than "Wait, the hell are you smoking?!" Also the Fallout 2 devs did learn that the pop culture references and jokes got pretty annoying to a lot of players at least to those that actually liked the atmosphere 1 gave and that's why in New Vegas if you wanted that Fallout 2 goofiness it let you opt into that with Wild Wasteland trait in the intro.

  6. Congrats on the 22k! Don’t stop, your content quality is so good the first time I watched you, I thought you had upwards of 100k subs. Love your videos man.

  7. Man i subscribed about a month ago …. and i LOVVVVE your content…. deep dives but not to deep but full of detail… youve got ne HOOKED :D…. if i may offer a request since you do a great job on mildly obscure or overlooked games… if you could a review of "CONDEMEND: Criminal Origins" my favorite horror game ever… intersting combat , A+ atmosphere, and a slightly wonky storyline, OH AND THE JUMPSCARES MWAH (kisses fingers) … i feel like youd do an execptional job with that kind of game… tbanks for the amazing work HAPPY 2021 to you good sir

  8. I’ve never agreed more with a person on fallout 3 and new Vegas 3 atmospheres has always made me enjoy it way more and with preferring it’s play to 1 and 2 it’s my favorite of the series

  9. I agree with you on the Fallout 3 vs New Vegas ranking, NV was kinda boring at the beginning and I was halfway out by the time I actually got to New Vegas. Fallout 3 on the otherhand introduced me to RPG games so it holds a special place in my heart!

  10. New to the channel. Just wanted to say I appreciate being able to come to one channel for my PS2 throw backs (as well as other titles) and not have to sift through content from various channels. Really love the content here <3

  11. Hi love the channel, been here since the Arkham Asylum video. Let's hope you the big 50K soon enough!🎉🎉 I've also got a small question, I make reviews & retrospectives as well much of which has been inspired by yourself, I've played about 50 games this year, mind if I snag this idea with of course credit to yourself?

  12. Your channel is a great source to know old games that were out there but we never bought or never even heard of. I feel like there are a LOT of gems in the late 90's-mid 2000's era, I'm a zoomer but i actually love 90's point and clicks lmao. Anyway, your channel is great and I really like the long videos breaking down the whole context that made the games have their charms/faults, wish you a happy new year from Brazil 🙂

  13. Those Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas placements were a risky stance and I love it. Totally the opposite for me, but there’s nothing better than differing opinions when it comes to video games. Everybody’s different.

  14. I got introduced to your channel from your Manhunt video , I played a bunch of games this year which were mostly comprising of older titles and also congratulations on reaching 24k subs your hard work and effort paid off big time . I'd recommend you check out a game called teardown , the gameplay makes you think out of the box .

  15. When this "ranking" content was popular you know
    ranking youtube channels or games or even restaurants and all kind of weird bullsh*t
    but your video is awesome and creative and brings back old PS 2 golden games and shows how good the PS 2 was and thanks for the great video

  16. Hey Hammers,
    I would strongly recommend Teardown as a game that may deliver experience you didn't have before.
    Also, if you like strategies, Anno 1800 is superb. One of the few games that taught me as much as entertained.

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