Ranking All 32 Games I Reviewed This Year – 2021

Just having some fun ranking all of the games I reviewed this year!

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33 thoughts on “Ranking All 32 Games I Reviewed This Year – 2021”

  1. I can get behind the whole "the game is overhyped" when it comes to Dragon Age Origins, but to compare a game from 2009 (with only really Neverwinter Nights 2 doing a similar style of 3rd person RPG) with Fallout 4 in 2015…and say that the older title, that sort of, was the first of its kind for many people, with an older game, and claim its unfair for the older game getting a pass for its mechanical failings… is like suggesting that Return to Castle Wolfenstein should be panned for not appearing in Unreal Engine 5. I mean, i would agree that Neverwinter Nights 2 did a better job than DA:O, in many ways, but it also never reached as many people and Fallout 4 is just Bethesda lazily phoning it in, given its predecessors. Would DA:O be released today, i wouldn't let it get away with much of what it does either, but you can't really fault a game that in many ways shaped this genre for not going a step further, when it already did a lot of things few other games did before (like the individual race starts, and arguably you have a situation where the game actually is different based on somme of the choices you make.. such as which side you side with or if you don't go to the town or not)

  2. Your taste in games is very similar to mine and it makes me want to try some of the games you mentioned that I haven’t played. Maybe try out the mass effect series, (not necessarily the andromeda game) you might like it as much as I did.

  3. Love your channel I just can't get into CRPG's even though I have a lot of love for them. Grew up playing those old D&D PC games. I'm talking like 25+ years ago

  4. Mad respect for putting Prey so high … it's the modern day System Shock 2 and deserves so much more credit.

    I incidentally lost a lot of respect for Jim Sterling as a reviewer of games (they are still a great critic of the industry as a whole) for how low they rated Prey.

  5. So I also decided to replay Dragon Age Origins (and the rest of the series in sequential order) after craving some Western RPGs and with Dragon Age 4 somewhere in the far horizon, I thought it was the perfect time to start it again. I stumbled upon your reviews and found out you were also doing the same which is great because I'm enjoying the content you're putting out but I digress. Having played Origins and Inquisition years ago (never played 2), I thought it was prime time to start again. I didn't finished Origins back then for whatever reason but I did enjoy it from what I remembered and Inquisition had good parts but was really bloated with superfluous content and time gated story progress which is my biggest criticism for Inquisition. But onto Dragon Age: Origins.

    Oh boy, you were right in your Origins review: the performance really is awful. Maybe it just ran better on my ancient and dated laptop I had years ago, but with my modern day rig that I spent more money on than I should have, I ran into FPS dips, multiple crashes (especially in the deserted building in Denerim), and continuously getting an "unable to load area" message while trying to leave Arl Eamon's estate which is right before the Landsmeet which was the final straw. All this on the GOG version with the 4GB memory patcher applied and only a small selection of mods for QoL/bugfixes. I never had as much trouble running a game before and I've been playing heavily modded Bethesda games for over a decade (most of the TES and Fallout series).

    The combat is also not as good as I remember. I quickly downloaded a mod to speed up combat by 20% because the animations are just too damn slow (and clunky to be frank). The AI pathing is rather lacking as there are multiple times where the AI (both party and enemies) would just stand there and do nothing until attacked. I had my Rogue stuck between characters trying to position for a backstab on multiple instances and I had to pause not for strategy but to prevent my character from bugging out. The highly praised tactics system isn't that good in my opinion, especially in comparison to its inspiration, Final Fantasy XII, which predates it by 3 years. Also for a sidenote, the UI upscaling was horrendous and having the subtitles on the top of the screen was a terrible idea in conjunction. Once again, I had to install a mod to remedy all that since I'm playing on a 1440p monitor.

    I'm quite literally unable to finish Origins because of said issues and quite frankly it's souring my feelings regarding the game. Which is sad since I truly enjoyed the characters and world building and while the combat was slow and RPG elements were kinda lacking, it is a pretty good game that I unfortunately can't complete. I agree with you that with it is rather overhyped and this is notwithstanding the technical issues, but more regarding the plot and how dated it feel despite coming out in Dec. 2009 (for reference Mass Effect 2 came out a month later and ran much better). At first I was gonna play Awakening and the other DLCs after finishing the main game but I might just move unto Dragon Age 2 since I rather just not deal with more technical issues.

  6. I really love your content. Your really have to try gothic and gothic 2. Its clunky af, but man the world is so immersive. Nobody can copy it to this day, not even piranha bytes it seems like.

  7. I disagree with your number 1 but this was an interesting review nonetheless. Personally I think Wrath of the Righteous isnt a great example of Pathfinder because its too powergamy, its a warped representation simply because ACs and DCs are way too high. Also the Mythic paths are completely wrong! There is no Lich path in the Tabletop version of Mythic in Pathfinder. There is no Gold Dragon or Azata… The only one that exists is Trickster and even then the powers are wrong!

  8. In 2009 and before, there wasn't a game like Dragon Age Origins, which is why, I think, it is held with such high regard and phrase (I/me included). Arguably, you can say Planescape Torment is as story rich and as good as (or even better than) DAO, but one is a 2D isometric CRPG, while the other is a 3D CRPG.
    i.e. Yes, I am looking at DAO with nostalgia and rose tinted glasses. 😛

  9. Great video! In the future, if you are making a list like that, please add name of the game somewhere on the screen, makes it easier to look up later 🙂

  10. Incredible content as always, I remember finding your channel a few months ago, which inspired me to give Pillars of Eternity a good try. Fast-forward and now I've completed Pillars 1, I'm nearly done with my first playthrough of Pillars 2, and I recently bought Wrath of the Righteous. And to think that I was going to give up on so many of these games because I wasn't comfortable with RTWP at the time! Your channel has been a Godsend! I'm so glad that I've been exposed to so many different games through your channel. I honestly think that this modern Renaissance of CRPGs would've totally passed me by if channels like yours weren't there to give this incredible genre the attention and love it needs so much. Thanks again Mortismal!

  11. I love Pathfinder TTRPG and I love the CRPG genre. I’ve backed and played Pathfinder Kingmaker a lot ( over 400h ) and yet… never played WOTR

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