PS3 Emulation on Android

Hey all! In this video we talk about PlayStation 3 Emulation on Android. At this point in time, there is no legitimate working PS3 Emulator for Android devices. Hopefully we’ll see a change in the near future, but realistically it will be a ways off. (I hope I’m wrong!)

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28 thoughts on “PS3 Emulation on Android”

  1. ARM is RISC as well (PS2 and PS3 CPUs basically are RISC), but they are alot slower than general purpose x86 desktop CPUs, which is why laptops tend to struggle with RPCS3.
    one could probably easily build an ARM based platform that will emulate the PS3 just fine, but you won't find these anytime soon in mobile phones, which is where android is being used.

    The problem lies in how the PS3 works. It's somewhat different than your CPU/GPU setup, which is why the GPU doesnt play the same role in every emulator. The PS3 has a very unique architecture.

  2. I keep getting error

    E SIG: Thread [rsx::thread] is too sleepy. Waiting for it 23981.160µs already!

    E SIG: Thread [rsx::thread] is too sleepy. Waiting for it 46954.596µs already!

    any advice?

  3. The main question everybody been asking. How to get PS3 EMULATOR RPCS3 TO WORK ON CONSOLE. Will it work. How to install it. Do a video about this featuring the series S/PS5. THEN try it with old gen if it works on new gen console. Let's play PS3 ON XBOX.

  4. Dude I watch all your videos! I love the content! I appreciate your how to videos. I can't wait until there is a proper ps3 emulator on android!

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