PS2 Emulation on Android

Hey all! In this video we discuss PS2 emulators on Android. Currently the main emulators being used are Daemon PS2 (which I don’t recommend) and Play!

You can check out Play! here on the Google Play Store:

PCSX2 Installation and Tutorial:

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This video is for entertainment purposes only.

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49 thoughts on “PS2 Emulation on Android”

  1. Liked and subbed, JUST because you were REAL about your thoughts.
    Some folks may not be happy but they need to realize that you are just the messenger, NOT the emulator representative. Lol.
    Really appreciate your honesty aaaaaand now I am deleting the Damon app. I did not realize that it was kind of malicious. That sucks. Thank you sir!

  2. Now day's mobile are coming with very powerful specifications.
    Like my mobile 8 gb ram with 265 gb rom, with SD 865 chip, But still can't play ps2 games. This is so annoying

  3. Ey, one thing that Play has emulator issue is the CRASH yes bc when I load Quake 3 Revolution cue file it crashed. That is why this emulator sucks

  4. It's actually funny it's completely the other way around for me with the play emulator I actually hate it and it's trash and it doesn't work for my Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra now I understand Damon PS2 definitely stole their code but there's the only functioning PS2 emulator on the android And I've only ever had 2 crashes ever and it was because I made a mistake in one of the settings and that was because I was under the Influence and I thought I could do something that wasn't possible

  5. Damon PS2 actually works really good on my phone but this video makes me concerned I could play Black even Def Jam fight for New York Simpsons hit and run when it's better than the Dolphin Emulator

  6. I'm just happy that there is progress at all, not many people have a console to play games, and some games are REALLY rare in certain locations, so it's a blessing that the future generations may have the opportunity to play those masterpieces

  7. I'll stick to emulating PS2 games on my computer for now, and hopefully in the future you make an update video to give people the green light on android PS2 emulators 😋
    I really appreciate your videos ♥👍🏻 Keep doing what you do, thank you

    I've only recently started emulating on my android, and it's GREAT! I get to preserve the games I bought and love 🥰

  8. Darnit, I've been waiting for a working ps2 emulator for years now, I wanna replay games that I loved before, FF series on ps2, monster rancher series, and many more, why they have to be retarded over this? There's an emulotor for psp and it runs smoothly why can't they make something for ps2🙁

  9. I want to play God of War in PCSX2 and I already have everything but the game runs like shít only max 10 fps and I already tried every possible thing on youtube yet it have low fps maybe not having a graphics card have it's perks can you help 🤡 ?

  10. Also, there's a pay version OVER 6 MONTHS AGO, if you only play the FREE VERSION you get what you get, the thought of this guy even talking trash about Damon ps2 pro can tell you he has the shit version of it lol

  11. While Damion definitely isn't user friendly it almost opens most games. The play emulator literally doesn't work at all. Even games that they claim are tested to work with the app doesn't

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