Playing D&D Online…

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26 thoughts on “Playing D&D Online…”

  1. I’ve only ever played DnD in person and nothing can top it, seeing everyone’s expression adds so much more to the game and the feel of actual dice can’t come class to a mouse click and when the dice hit the box or the board and bounces it totally changes the outcome. It’s the best way to play

  2. I was thinking about playing DnD with some friends on a game called Rec room!
    We were planning on building the entire board the way we feel and having extras to be able to change scenes quickly.
    On top of that we can create outfits in game to get fully immersed 😀
    Me and my friends are pretty excited to see how it'll work out even though we're on different online platforms ( me and 2 friends are on vr headset 2 are on ps4 and 1 of them is pc)
    If anything I feel that playing this on Rec room would be awesome cos its free 🙂

  3. 1:14 If you're an introvert you're not playing DnD either IRL or online. You're playing cRPGs like Divinity, Baldur's gate or Kingmaker as a substitute. You don't have to deal with people or pay anything extra side from the game.

  4. 4:45 notable and very important trees used for books are'nt from random forests they are from lumber mills that if they want to be fiscally viable plant trees after harvesting them paper is generally speaking pretty good for the environment

  5. my by far most successful group is completely online. i've never met any of the people in person and got into the group because i knew one of the players when the group was forming. everyone lives at least a few hundred kilometers from each other, except for the player who introduced me, as she is married to the dm. i'm the northernmost member of the group, the southernmost one lives over 1000km away from me. without discord and roll20, the most awesome dnd group i know would've never existed and i'd probably lost even more of my sanity during the quarantine.

  6. And over a year later we are STILL playing online with friends with no real end in sight. This pandemic has really screwed things up but at least I can still play with my group. We still play at the same time every week.

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