Nvidia Shield Pro The Best Android Game Box for 2021 ?

Nvidia Shield Pro Android Gaming & Emulation Box. Is this still de best box to get for Retro Gaming, Android Gaming, Netflix, Youtube and more ?

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Where to find ?
Ebay US – https://ebay.us/sEvyth
Ebay UK – https://ebay.us/uFQ2T0
Ali-Express – https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_989mIK

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25 thoughts on “Nvidia Shield Pro The Best Android Game Box for 2021 ?”

  1. Wicked is 100% right about MS Controllers. They work with nearly everything including the Pandora's Box's where all those cheapo one's from China only work with specific devices.

  2. Emuelec devs only specializes in amlogics. That's why there isn't one for Nvidia shield. But Nvidia shield devs are doing a great job. They been upgrading the device OS from Android 5 to the Android 11. 2015 to 2022. 7 years of development. 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  3. I was going to get a Nvidia Shield. As good as it is, the Nvidia has a few shortfalls in 2022. It won't do 4K at 120hz which is not a major feature for a emulator. The XBox series S is much better emulator that comes with retroarch. It's browser is optimised to run emulators fast and is just £50 more.

  4. It's a really good device for video streaming but I wouldn't recommend it for heavy android games. You might just wanna buy a midrange android phone with an HDMI adapter and a Bluetooth controller

  5. It's crazy how the shield is from 2015 and still awesome 👍 , I bought mine in 2017 , shield TV Pro. It came with a controller and remote, it has some native games they look like Xbox 360 , Resident evil 5, Metal gear, etc..

  6. At this moment I wouldn't pay the current price anymore. It's time this box gets an upgrade to play GameCube/PS2. Even though it's still the best out there, the current CPU is getting old.

  7. Great video, if you are able to test the Formular Z10 pro max vs Nvidia Shield Pro and see which is the better one that would be interesting.

  8. What kills this item for me is the fact that it does not come preloaded with the emulators and games. If I wanted to mess around with downloading configuring everything myself then I would just get a mini PC or a raspberry Pi 4. I love the idea of extra power in a Android box but the super console series is truly plug and play. I love the fact that there are so many options out there for people like me who don't want to configure and people who want to tweak and mess around with all the settings. 15 years ago yeah I loved messing around with settings, tweaking everything, overclocking my processors and spending hours getting everything optimized. These days I just don't have time for it give me a simple plug and Play device and get on to something else.

  9. I have the Nvidia Shield (2017 edition) and it has been my main Android box from Day 1. What makes this a great device is that it is still being updated, and almost all of the emulators are updated nearly the same time.
    Also, I've used the same wired (Logitech F310) and wireless controllers (discontinued Matricom G-Pad XYBA) with the Shield for years and never had any issues.

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