New Starcraft Mobile Game: What's Blizzard Developing?

Blizzard Entertainment announced that they are developing mobile games for all of their IPs at Blizzcon 2018. This includes the Starcraft franchise. What would a new Starcraft mobile game look like? I detail two genres that Starcraft could enter in the mobile gaming market including tower defense games and strategy building games.
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35 thoughts on “New Starcraft Mobile Game: What's Blizzard Developing?”

  1. I think if they made a game that cost money for mobile, they'd be shooting themselves in the foot. To compete in mobile, it would have to be free. I personally think it would be best if they made something as close to the real StarCraft as possible. Something similar to how wild rift and lol are very similar.

  2. I started to play Clash of clans some months ago. The game is beautiful and very strategic. I think an improved version by Blizzard would be an hit (for me, at least). I don't think you have to take a predatory approach to make a free to play game. You can add microtransctions and progression speed ups, but if you design your game cleverly you can make these power ups not so invasive or game-changing. Like it is on Clash of clans.
    If Blizzard made a Starcraft version of the game I would like to see something that breaks a bit the asynchronous formula of "i have my base, you have your base". Maybe it could be similar to the Builder's Hall formula, but more engaging.

  3. Yeah I agree. Blizzard should have done a TD game on mobile. Its simple and strategic. I cannot see myself play Starcraft on Mobile. Imagine that micro skills on a small phone. Blizzard are trying to revive old games to make them popular again, but what they need to do is see where the market is now and where it might go.

  4. Or go make the game simmilar to castle burn a rts where it has fog of war, buildings etc people even compare it as a mobile ver of star/warcraft

  5. After all its a rts why not fight your enemy at real time! but some cloaked units like ghost,wraith,banshee,dark templar should be a little visible so you can use anti cloaking devices like turrets,photon cannons,spore colony/crawler

  6. Why not a clash royale styled starcraft game with units being cards. But the units are at a different quantity like 2 zealots, zerglings the numbers of minions, 4 marines but more durable than its pc counterpart same for zealot cuz its overnerfed in sc2.

  7. I would love to see a legit Starcraft tower defense game! I didn’t even know Blizzard was developing mobile versions of all their IP. I’m sure something amazing will come out

  8. Are you done uploading tips on how to grow on YouTube because in my opinion they were helping many people out can you please go on my depth on how to grow on YouTube with zero subscribers and views thanks

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