My TOP 10 Favorite INITIAL D Games

These are my favorite Initial D like games. Keep in mind this is all personal preference.

0:00 Intro
0:26 Number 10
1:29 Number 9
2:24 Number 8
3:57 Number 7
4:51 Number 6
6:12 Number 5
7:41 Number 4
9:22 Number 3
10:39 Number 2
11:53 Number 1

#6: Search in arcades, Ebay or use an emulator
#5: Not available for purchase digitally anymore
#3: Search in arcades, Ebay or use an emulator
#1: Search Ebay or use an emulator

32 thoughts on “My TOP 10 Favorite INITIAL D Games”

  1. The third one i play in the philippine arcade i use mazda in color is blue because i love blue and i already become first place in the first try that year is 2019 i'm just four years old i'm already a fan of cars

  2. ngl for that initial d experience i prefer grid 2 theres only 4 touge maps technically but you can race them in several ways in certain sections either the whole mountain or snip bits upphill and downhill all those tracks are hella technical and the game is very arcady and challenging because of it. ofc grid 2 has circuit and city racing but i played grid 2 for years barely touching anything else other than the mountain tracks specially because of the multiplayer community and friends i made on it

  3. number 8 , looks like a mix of Initial D and Wangan midnight. Battle gear has a fairly good selection of cars as far as i like them.
    i do have a 360 lying around with Forza 2?? but Race driver grid is one to look for if i can get it.

    initial d 2-3 are still my favorites. played AS4 a fair amount when it was out. skipped over to zero or the one just before that as my north american city stopped at AS4. played a few games on my trip to Japan in 2019 but didnt have time to go that deep into it.

  4. I hope they make a port for PC that "Kaido battle 2" man, i think it would be more than just exelent to put a multiplayer online mode bro, just imagine

  5. Number 8 is definately not initial D like.. It's more in the Wangan Midnight / Midnight Club area. Also GRID seems like a weird pick? It has japanese cars /mountain tracks but other than that not really much to do with Initial D. Cause those roads are way too wide / massive to even be challenging.

    Nowadays you can try playing any of the Initial D Arcades only in available in Asia or other specific places. Initial D Arcade stage 5,6,7,8 and zero have working emulators so it's worth to give those game a try, i used to spend atleast a few hours on the arcades, but now you can play them at home. Mind you, with controller or if u you have a wheel setup even better. But those games aren't for everyone as they might be too arcadey. It's a bit of a pain to set it all up and acquire the files but it's closest to Initial D you'll get.

  6. noo why did u lump all initial d arcade stage games all in one placement? they are all vastly different.

    also kinda weird that 80% of the entire list arent even actual initial d games.

  7. You should try assoluto racing on mobile it is a bootleg of asseto corsa but it is actually it is not bad the physics are not bad and if you do a sequel of this video can you please feature this game

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