My Rhythm Game Tier List (Ranking over 30 games!)

Oh boy, buckle up everyone. tokaku made a rhythm game tierlist!

Today we’ll be ranking a ton of rhythm games from the mainstream PC games like osu!, Friday Night Funkin, Robeats to more standalone smaller games like A Dance of Fire and Ice or Rhythm Doctor. And also ranking some arcade games like Sound Voltex and my beloved taiko no tatsujin. Of course not to forget the mobile rhythm games like Arcaea, Lanota and Muse Dash as well.

A usual warning, this is my opinion, you can like things I don’t like or don’t like things I like! It’s very subjective. If I’ve missed anything, it’s most likely going into ??? tier because I haven’t tried them or played them enough to say anything. I know more games than this list, though I haven’t spent at least 5 hours playing to know them well.

Thank you spazza I stole your thumbnail format ❤️

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