Monster Tamer News: NEW 3D RPG for Android and iOS, 6 Minutes of New Legends Arceus Gameplay + More!

This week, we have a some interesting news including a 6 minute Japanese pokemon trailer, a new open world mobile monster taming title that has poked its head, confirmation that we will be getting post launch Monster Crown and Patch Quest updates and more!

Major Upcoming Monster Taming Updates in 2022!

Kitory Academy Kickstarter:

Pokemon Legends Trailer:

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Nexomon Extinction Starter Evolutions Explained:

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-Roco Kingdom
-Monster Crown
-Patch Quest
-Rune Factory 5
-Pokemon Legends

Rapid Fire News:

-Final Stardust
-Guild of Dragons
-Myth Caller
-Grimmlins Tale
-Untames Isles
-Kitori Academy

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21 thoughts on “Monster Tamer News: NEW 3D RPG for Android and iOS, 6 Minutes of New Legends Arceus Gameplay + More!”

  1. GameFreak games look so terrible! How did they get better hardware and the games look/play worse. The environments, textures, colors, and animations look horrible; 25+ years for this?!

  2. I mean… it doesn't matter is something is a "pokemon clone". Clearly some monster taming games are inspired heavily by Pokemon and that's not a bad thing imo.

  3. Nice to see Roco Kingdom getting a remake. The original version is a web game and is probably still up and running. A great collection of monsters! We probably won't get an English version though

  4. Roco Kingdom really looks good.. but the fact that its a mobile game is a huge turn off for me. But tbh.. i wonder if gamefreak will ever invest into an official pokemon mmo.. maybe on pc.. since any other console kinda has an expire date. Just imagine a huge PokeMMO where u just pay for a dlc (new gen) and just download it. Even tho remakes kinda lose their purpose then.

  5. Got into Nexomon Extinction thanks to your videos recently – was itching for more after randomly stumbling across Monster Sanctuary in the Christmas Sales. I've always loved Pokemon, particularly on handheld consoles, having Monster Tamers as its own official genre would be so dope. Hoping to play more, which would you recommend after I'm done with Nexomon?

  6. To be fair it's not easy makeing a mon capturing device. Because all other games have already used up all alternatives. I've seen multiple using cubes and coromon uses spinners I've even seen digital looking cards. You also have to to think about what's estethichly pleasing you can't just come up with some random custom weird shape. It should look clean.but I agree the rest of the game looked unique like I couldn't see any copy cat mons. And the character didn't look like ash. So it's weird how one tiny detail is so much alike. And there is actually a episode in Pokemon where a guy has star stickers on his pokeball to difirenciate his from others so…yes it's a bit of a weird choice but it looks good tbh. I never really like cubes or cards.

    The game looks good finnaly a game that realize that good estethics especially the mons are important.

  7. I don't care if they have a star on the ball at the end of the day look at that game graphics and other games like temtem in comparising the pokemon, If those pokemon low life zealous fan boys wanna say it's a clone and a rip off, who gives a shit just tell them it looks better than pokemon.

  8. The monsters in roco kingdom look bad. It makes me sad when monster design isn’t great in a monster taming game because it makes me care less about the monsters and getting them

  9. I’m excited for all the monster taming games coming this year, and I am also really excited for Pokémon Legends: Arceus because they are doing something new. I know it won’t be perfect and I’m not expecting it to be. I want to see the monster taming genre grow outside of “Pokémon-like” if that makes sense. I like watching every Monster Tamer News segment because it helps me find new games to play. I found Monster Sanctuary, Monster Crown, and Coromon through here. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  10. At this point I think we should just ignore the "detractors" who cry whenever another game does anything remotely similar to Pokemon. They're never going to change and will continue to persist in their ignorant stance that Pokemon "owns" the idea of catching something and fighting battles with it.

    Game developers borrowing mechanics from each other happens in every single game genre. So often in fact that you could consider it one of Game Development's "natural laws" similar to gravity. Dark Souls popularized the idea of the Estus Flask (a rechargeable healing potion) but no one complains whenever that shows up in another ARPG. Another game borrowing the idea of catching something and fighting battles is the same idea.

    Just because something popularized an idea doesn't mean it owns that idea. Why is that so hard for some people to understand?

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