Monkey Gamepad – Free Controller Keymapper for Android – No any acticvation PUBG/FREE FIRE/COD

Monkey Gamepad is a free app for mapping your gamepad/controller to your Android phone’s screen. Now you play games like PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire and Call Of Duty with your controller – for free! The app means you no longer require a PC or another Android phone to activate the software – now you can use the app to connect your phone directly and quickly. This video is a step-by-step setup and configuration for the app to get you up and running in less than 10 minutes.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S20
Controller: Xbox one

How to add the game I want to play?
1. Click to start Monkey GamePad icon.
2. Wait for the operating files to load.
3. Click on Google Play Store.
4. Enter and log in your own Google account.
5. Download and install the game you want to play, and wait for the installation to complete.
6. Go back to Monkey GamePad.

How to connect Bluetooth peripherals?
1. Click to connect peripherals.
2. Find your device in the Bluetooth list and click connect.
3. Go back to Monkey GamePad after successful connection.

How to add a keymapping scheme?
1. Click to start the game that you just downloaded.
2. Click on the floating ball.
3. Click the key setting.
4. Select the appropriate button or joystick to move to the corresponding position (Key is a physical button, left and right analog define two joysticks, and Reset is the default scheme).
5. Save settings.

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28 thoughts on “Monkey Gamepad – Free Controller Keymapper for Android – No any acticvation PUBG/FREE FIRE/COD”

  1. the joysticks and dpad didnt work on calibration and the app didnt regcognize the controller.
    phone:Realme x7 pro
    controller:x3 wireless

  2. Uh I scanned it with 66 of my antiviruses (yes I know that's a lot) and 3 of 66 said it's malicious so I'm not saying it's bad I'm just saying as reference

  3. Guys + everyone using this app be careful this app is using your details to sign in, know that you will be giving the creator all your details when you sign in this app. I have tried it and downloaded a game from within the application, and according to this video I should be able to see the supported games, which does not come up and it’s able to go into the game through the Google play store from inside the monkeygamingpad app. However, when you sign in and it asks you to give the app access and sign in with either Facebook or Twitter and once you sign in again you have given your details to the creator of this app. After that, the game no longer work. This is very shady and I don’t trust it.

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