3 thoughts on “Mobile RPG Hidden Gems! (iOS & Android)”

  1. I gotta say that as an avid RPG player, The World Ends with You looked wildly boring to me. I mean, if it was a free game its something I'd take a stab at, but it seemed a bit out of SquareEnix's wheelhouse and didn't strike me as all that immersive. Then again, I'm also all about getting new and visible equipment. I prefer to see my character decked out in armor along with their weapon, but in a SquareEnix game I can usually just take the weapon only display, as most of their games are like that, Final Fantasies and exc.

    Vampire's Fall is good. Its unique and has a variety of equipment and as you stated, its free. Very fun game that reminds me a lot of a free game that was on the PC that may even still be around, but Idr the name.

    I've seen all the games, but as I have only a phone and a Wii U at this time in my life to play on, I really fine-comb the Play Store for RPGs. Personally, the only one that interests me is Vampire's Fall, but you've inspired me to download it again. Still, great video, and I know it will be enlightening to those who don't scroll so thoroughly through the store for RPGs! 🙂

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