Mobile Game Development Explained [2020]

Mobile games represent the largest segment of the gaming market, and that space is tremendously competitive as a result. We’ve heard from our community that they want to know more about how to succeed on mobile platforms.

In this video we’ll go over the basics of mobile games, how they acquire users, and how they make money.

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32 thoughts on “Mobile Game Development Explained [2020]”

  1. Mobile gaming vs console/pc gaming is like tiktok vs going to the cinema/netflix…
    Yes you can have short yet not so deep games/videos but they are not the same as big open world games with great story/characters/raytracing and the same goes for few second/min videos compared to long and well though out movies.

    Yet the Nintendo switch tends to be in the middle

  2. I wish I'd watched this video before I made my first mobile game….

    The first game I made was a premium game with a 1 time payment for the full game.

    Which I've always been a fan of as a consumer, but as a dev I've realized it's not easy as an unknown dev to get people to pay for a game when there are so many free games out there. lol.

  3. Sir how much money do u need to run a mobile game? I see a lot of mobile games shutting down even though they get 100k monthly from it I just want to know the reason. why.

  4. I'm seeking a game engine which is not like Unity, which should be able to embedded to my mobile project. Take iOS as an example, I need to embed my game window in a UIView which is part of the screen. Do you have any suggestion?

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