Ipega PG-9023 Bluetooth Controller for your Phone & Tablet

Testing out Ipega bluetooth controller. For Android, IOS and Windows.

Where to buy: Ipega PG-9023 Wireless Bluetooth Telescopic Controller Gamepad Joystick: https://goo.gl/4mtN53 (10% OFF Coupon: Elec)

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This product is a new wireless Bluetooth controller which supports different android/iOS/PC games.
1) It can be used when connected with the Bluetooth mobile phone and without any drivers.
2) Exclusive gaming application platform, the classic hand travel under control (ipega game lobby only for Android platform).
3) Built-in lithium battery (380mAh). After charging, it can be sustainable for 20 hours. Safe and stable.
4) With telescopic stand. Mobile phone or tablet can be placed in the bracket (support 5-10 inch devices).
5) With “volume +, -,”last”,”next “”Play/Pause”, total 5 multimedia function keys (This function is incompatible with Y key mode).
6) Bluetooth 3.0 wireless transmission can support 6-8 meters wide range of control from the operation.
7) User-friendly software designed to enter the power saving mode with no connection state.
8) Support Android 3.2, iOS 4.3 above system.
9) Compatible with iPod/iPhone/iPad as well as the vast majority of android tablet PCs.

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33 thoughts on “Ipega PG-9023 Bluetooth Controller for your Phone & Tablet”

  1. Mine doesnt work it doesnt turn on unless its plugged in and I cant pair using X + Home only Y + home piece of junk emded up getting a refund

  2. I wanna play Call of Duty on that device in the doesn't let me is there and app That I can use so I can play Call of Duty I bought it just for that reason

  3. It doesn't work on my emulators. I also have the Ipega 9023. I tested the controller and it works so i dont understand why it doesnt on my emulators

  4. Does anyone know of a controller like this that works with Android 5? My
    Note 10.1 2014 Edition was only updated to 5.1.1 and the Ipega PG-9023
    only works with Android 6 and up.
    Edit: Nevermind, I installed a LegacyOS custom ROM for Android 7.1.2 and it works fine now.

  5. It's not compatible at all with my razor 2 I've try ever free key mapping app it won't work can somebody help me try to make this thing work on my phone

  6. I had this one iPega for very cheap last october, it has great battery life, i remember only charged it 3 times this whole time. And the lag happened due to the emulator itself, not the controller (ex. its feel laggy with snes9x but perfect with JohnSNES on android)

  7. They're actually decent controllers. I have one myself and it just about fits my galaxy tab s2. Forget the Chinese sites and go for eBay. I couldn't find any of the known Chinese sites that sold one cheaper than I picked mine up for on eBay. Although that was a while ago and prices may have changed since

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