Introducing D&D Style Medieval Fantasy Choices Game!

This is similar to other promotional videos that I have for this game except it has pixel font text and some changes to the art.

11 thoughts on “Introducing D&D Style Medieval Fantasy Choices Game!”

  1. I appreciate your express goal of making testing"addictive". It seems to be working. I'm beginning to write some creative NON fiction to try to entice my students to read the lesson materials. I have freshmen in an English class.

  2. Today i just finished Wizard's Choice and am now gonna run through Rogue's choice since I've heard it's cool, then for demon's, I've never been so excited to read!

  3. Oh my goodness I just got your notifications about the potential Ban of the collective work of everyone at delight games (through google play)
    What the HELL?
    Google will allow basically horribly designed apps geared towards T n A and "adult meetups" masquerading as dating apps.
    But your Library gets banned because of artwork of a lady in a bikini?! What is that about?

  4. I'm in love with all of the books in the digital library. I've read everything except the solo and children's stories. Have just finished the Bigfoot one tonight.
    Thank you all so much to everyone who worked so hard to write them, it must take so much time!
    So many different styles of writing.
    And a definite love of red heads 😂

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