Install Google Play On Windows 11 – Android Apps & Games Windows 11!

In this video, I show you how to install Google Play on Windows 11 so you can access and download your favorite android apps and games and run them with the new Android on Windows 11 function known as Windows Subsystem for Android “WSA”! Instead of using the Amazon WSA App Store for Windows 11 we now have a way to install and set up Google Play for Windows 11
A Huge Shout out and credits go to ADeltaX for coming up with this method: Github:

WSA Package Download

Media Fire:

Kernel Download

Media Fire:

15 Second ADB Installer:

Commands Used:

Command For Powershell: Add-AppxPackage -Register .AppxManifest.xml
Command For ADB: setenforce 0

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31 thoughts on “Install Google Play On Windows 11 – Android Apps & Games Windows 11!”

  1. Awesome guide, one that actually works.
    However, has anyone run into an issue with opening "Clash Royale"? It seems to instantly crash/close on launch. I've made sure to have "Google Play games" installed.

  2. I did as your tutorial but after pasting address to Power shell that says "set Location : A positional parameter cannot be found that accepts argument" please help me!

  3. works on my x86 pc doesn't work on my arm64 laptop getting the error "Provide the framework "Microsoft.UI.Xaml.2.6""
    does anyone know why?

  4. PSA: Google is releasing an official play store for Win11 to compete with Amazon. You may want to wait on attempting this. If you're using VMware and rely on virtualization features for your VMs, do not enable Virtual Machine Platform on Windows as it will break a lot of the functionality in your VMs (vmware has its own thing going and enabling the one in windows breaks it). Disabling it fixes it. You can enable/disable at your discretion and use the play store as in this video, but just keep in mind your VMware VMs will stop working correctly. Disable before using your VMs again.

  5. I do run into the problem at 8:07 that my IP address is unavailable on 'Windows subsystem for Android', and a refresh of IP does not help. What to do next? My firewall came up with 'public places', I did 'unbox' that option, might that be the problem?

  6. It's not allowing me to install the apps. The message pops up " Windows 10 in S mode runs Microsoft-verified apps" Please assist me.

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