Initial D Arcade Stage 8: First Stage Takumi vs Keisuke

Bonus race in Arcade Stage 8, a tribute to the first race in Initial D. Unlocked after defeating Bunta in story mode. Played on PC. Fan translated for viewer enjoyment.

Game: Initial D Arcade Stage 8
Music: Running in the 90s Special Stage Edit modded ingame. Music mod by Hakuryu.

Initial D Arcade Stage Discord:

35 thoughts on “Initial D Arcade Stage 8: First Stage Takumi vs Keisuke”

  1. How did you get in to the gutters.
    When i try to enter the gutter with drifting I get a massiv Speed Lose to 80 km/h.
    And when I enter the gutter normally then i getting out of the gutter and smash frontal with the guardrail.
    And I als have to brake at the corners ( with the gutters) or I miss the gutters and even with braking i miss the gutters mostly.
    And if I getting out of the gutters then i Hit the Opposite guardrail even with 110 km/h.

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