If your Android apps keep crashing / closing here is how to fix your phone

Hey all! If you android apps are crashing on your phone, hopefully this video will help you fix it! The whole issues seems to have …

38 thoughts on “If your Android apps keep crashing / closing here is how to fix your phone”

  1. Thank you so much bro for saving me from this situation. Did not expect Google would be messing up my phone with a faulty webview. I was scared all my data will be gone and was under the impression that it's a virus attack. My poor phone is now back to normal.


  2. Dude you are awesome. My apps haven't been crashing but they haven't been working correctly haven't been loading pictures or even loading certain yeah certain parts of Facebook marketplace.. This immediately fixed the problem. Thank you so much

  3. Look I have been searching different videos and none of them helped even this one so if anyone could tell me something new please say I really need help

  4. OH MY GOD THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SIR my phone has been crashing, exiting apps automatically, randomly restarting for weeks, thank you so much you have no idea how this finally got off my chest

  5. wow, I just tried a very short cable like 1 ft. and it's working with that but… 1 ft??? I'm going to try this and post back here tomorrow… This is Ridiculous Google!!!! oh BTW My Apple iphone 12pro works flawlessly with apple car play no problems – google get your act together, and I've even got the pixel 5 and Pixel 6 you'd think Android auto would work with their own products…

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