I Spent FIVE HOURS Playing Phone Games That Pay REAL Money (How Much I Made)

I just spent five hours playing two mobile games that state you can win real money. How legitimate are these games and how much did I earn?

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🖥Video Timecodes🖥
0:00 – Making Money Playing Phone Games?
0:50 – Benchmark Criteria For Judging Game Apps
1:17 – First App Review: Coin Pusher
1:41 – How To Play (Coin Pusher)
2:54 – App Power-Ups To Speed Up Earnings?
3:37 – Official Odds Of Winning (Coin Pusher)
4:05 – Look For This Phrase In Any Game App’s Terms Of Service
4:58 – Biggest Indicator Of A Scam Game App?
5:55 – How Payouts Work & Taxes (Coin Pusher)
6:22 – Overall Verdict: Coin Pusher
7:06 – Second App Review: Blackout Bingo
7:40 – What Makes Blackout Bingo Different?
8:19 – How To Play (Blackout Bingo)
9:44 – Different Payout Levels
10:32 – Complete Play-through (Single Card Example)
12:48 – Overall Verdict: Blackout Bingo
13:21 – What Makes Blackout Bingo Better
13:50 – How Much I Made (Blackout Bingo)
14:58 – How To Get Free Money On Blackout Bingo

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20 thoughts on “I Spent FIVE HOURS Playing Phone Games That Pay REAL Money (How Much I Made)”

  1. How is a bingo game skill based? You get a random card. Then the balls are randomly selected. Then you click the number on your card that was chosen. If pressing bingo the fastest qualifies as "skill based" to you, I bet you're the most skilled person in the world!

  2. I started playing tbis game 2 days ago. At first it was fun and interesting, but what really started bugging me is how rigged the game is. If you have a winning streak, the sysem starts to turn on you. So you're looking at winning 5 games and then losing 5-6 after. Like it doesnt even matter what yoi do, you'll lose regardless. I earned $2 from trophies, played those $2. It costs .60cents to play, then when you win, you only get .40 cents back. And the luck sucks because who knows if both have the same bingo card or different. Someone always will turn out with triple pts more than you occassionally. My best advice is, just play the practice mode and dont waste your money in this game. Your chance of winning something after putting in money is very very very slim! They will take all your money

  3. one and only game I've ever had such decieveing
    I ended up -40$ in my checking account never seen tha +20$ initially was supposed 2b deposited
    of course I contacted every company affiliated
    w/Skillz all they did was play tha blame game I sent pics showing what was wrong 2 me
    Finally I had 2 get a new bank card

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