I didn't think this would be good! – Razer Kishi

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Did Razer make something that I would use to play mobile games? Also, it has USB-C so that’s a good thing.

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21 thoughts on “I didn't think this would be good! – Razer Kishi”

  1. the amount of android games that work with this controller is disgustingly small. Bluetooth is supported much much more. Usb c in theory is better for cloud gaming, but when this costs as much (originally more) than a bluetooth Xbox controller, this thing is horrible. i bought my "xbox" branded version for $100. Yuck.

  2. The top video on the controller is Linus fighting with a couple games, throwing in the towel while banging on the phone, and screaming"It's great, now subscribe!" This is why YouTube shouldn't just favor the top channels. There are so many way better, and more in depth videos on this controller. Lol.

  3. At first its a good controller and many months goes by in the middle of the game it stops and then will work and then stops again. Not a good controller

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