How to Use Reddit – Complete Beginner's Guide

Reddit is a website and mobile app with over 300 million users, founded back in 2005 as an online discussion board.

It is nicknamed the front page of the internet.

Reddit allows members to post to its platform and each post can be upvoted or downvoted by the Reddit community.

The post with the most upvotes moves to the top of the home page of Reddit.

Unlike other social media platforms, you can be completely anonymous on Reddit. You can join Subreddits which are communities that made up Reddit. Each Subreddit is focused on a specific niche or topic.

When you join a subreddit, you can create your own post and respond to other posts, upvote and downvote posts and comments.

Each Subreddit has it’s own rules and you must follow those rules if you want to post to that subreddit.

How to Use Reddit App

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25 thoughts on “How to Use Reddit – Complete Beginner's Guide”

  1. How come when I post in a subreddit, they don’t see my post? Because there’s people that recently commented ahead of me and people from the subreddit answer their questions…. is there something that I’m missing? Or do I have to go premium to get them to see my messages?

  2. 1. The best place for circlejerk people

    2. Having different opinion = downvote

    3. Having different opinion = moderator ban you from the sub

    4. Saying truth = downvote

    5. Making jokes = downvote

  3. Advice from a former Redditor:

    “Don’t be a Redditor, Be a person who uses Reddit.”

    Use Reddit as a TOOL, don’t use it for Reddit and Reddit things. Use it to connect with communities that exist outside of Reddit. A Gardening sub exists outside of Reddit. r/memes does not.

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