How To Set Up Android Nokia N-gage Emulator in 2021 | How To Install EKA2L1 Tutorial

How To Set Up Android N-gage Symbian Emulator Other wise known as the Nokia Ngage Taco Phone
In this tutorial I will guide you how to install the nokia n gage emulator on Eka2l1 symbian OS on android!
So its official, ngage is now officially available on the google / android play store, so you can imagine this news brought flashbacks for many who grew up around the era where portable gaming was unheard of and now for those we finally get to back to a gaming platform that was all but disappeared until recently. This emulator wasn’t the easiest to set up regardless of its simple game mechanics but eventually I got around issues after trial and error and manage to come out at the other with a working emulator, follow these instructions for the best results.

EKA2L1 Play store link –
EKA2L1 github –
N-Gage Rom –
N-Gage Rom Collection –

Some games I tested on the Ngage emulator were:
Elder Scrolls shadowkey
Asphalt 2
Tony Hawks Pro Skater
Worms world party

Overall very enjoyable games and emulator too, would recommend!

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  1. Hey guys, as some of you have mentioned there were issues with the links, I have since updated them, please let me know if you have any more issues with the new links, for transparency the links show ads from which I get paid a (very) small amount but if they cause too much problems I will gladly remove the paid links if you guys so wish, so please let me know, thanks.

  2. WAAAAY too much hassle to play some sh*tty Ngage games, using an awfuly designed emulator, with badly designed screen settings (aspect ratio, landscape mode, etc) and barely existing hardware controller support.

    Let's hope an actually competently created emulator comes out in the future.

  3. Some of the roms in the rom folder come in a format called .blz and those ones are showing in my system once added. Where did you ad the ones that end in .blz format? These included Pandemonium, MotoGP, and MLB Slam

  4. Thanks alot for the grey screen problem.
    I have one question.
    I am using rom 5320 and installed Westward really great game but its only trial and have to enter registration code, I have the code but can't enter it. Do you know anything about it. Same problem for a game called My little Tank.

  5. Hello. The N-Gage Rom Collection link has been removed (from the archive site). Do you have other alternative links or would be great if you can reupload it!

  6. nope, cant get any roms to work, either an all grey screen or with the games icon and a coloured bar, also updated with the latest one from github

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