How to Play Steam Games on Android

Steam, the popular program for buying and playing video games on your computer, just released their Steam for Android app that …

33 thoughts on “How to Play Steam Games on Android”

  1. this is great so i don't have a windows i have a mac book but i can still play windows games on a phone with a controller. Like Rivals of Aether or somthing

  2. Do you really get back to people because it seems like other YouTubers don't I mean I might be wrong about that statement but either or again don't you have to download the games since you are going to play them on a different device even-though they're already in your steam Library and also what's the difference between the two as I'm noticing their's something off about the Steam app compared to steam link.?

  3. This is the most dumb things I have ever heard. Why would I play a game on a tiny screen when I can play on a computer monitor?
    Oh wait I won't unless I want to play on my porcelain throne.

  4. I recently got my ancient laptop out got steam and bought commandos behind enemy lines but it wouldn't launch , the laptops so old, I have a hudl 2 if I was to connect it through steam link would it work on that, not the best when it comes to PCs lol I think its only windows 7?? Could anyone tell me if its worth trying?? Thanks

  5. Ok so tell me this, who the hell in their right mind would play a game on their phone if they need a pc to run it? Just play it on the damn pc idiot.

  6. I Have A Weak Dumb horrible Laptop that me and my parents uses….just bought destiny 2….cant play it on my laptop cause it will break it…… This does not help

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