How to play Mario Kart Tour with a controller! (Android)

Here’s how to play Mario Kart Tour with a controller using 8bitdo’s Touch Screen Emulation app for Android! Helpful links below!

8bitdo Controllers, I recommend the SN30 Pro+, it has pretty much no latency in wireless:
8bitdo App for android and computer:
Fullscreen app:

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24 thoughts on “How to play Mario Kart Tour with a controller! (Android)”

  1. Hey @Mankalor , just tried the MKT app on a recent HP x360 14" touchscreen Chromebook. It runs fine, but touchscreen steering only, and worse: it does not resize!? keeps in standard phone size, with resize drop down and controls disabled, which is a bummer. Any hint? thx man

  2. Can someone please help me? I downloaded the "8Bitdo Touchscreen Activity Tool" but it says it's broken and must be deleted. I already bought the SN30pro so I have to find a way to get this to work…

  3. OMG thank you very much I just got one of those controllers today from Amazon for free same day delivery and I'm very excited to use this on my ipad

  4. I have been having trouble getting the activate button to show up in the touch screen activity tool, even though I read and followed the instructions; anyone know a way to get it to show up?

  5. Why can't just connect our Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers with a simple option in the settings? Oh sorry I forgot we were talking about Nintendo.

  6. my thumb is getting sore from playing MKT these past few tours and its not a good sign

    thanks to this, I need to buy one of this gamepad you featured

  7. unfortunatly, the app got thrown out of the app store for a while now so its…honestly terrible to be honest, this game could really get a good use out of a controller and it would be so much more fun that way

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