How to play Call of Duty Mobile with the Kishi controller for Android – No XBOX or PS5 controller

Here is show you step by step how to play CODM with the Kishi controller without having to connect a XBOX or PS5 controller to your phone.
If you have any questions comment down below.

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19 thoughts on “How to play Call of Duty Mobile with the Kishi controller for Android – No XBOX or PS5 controller”

  1. The Panda Gamepad Pro still WORKS! I use it daily to play CODM with the kishi.
    If you restart your phone you have to re-activate the app again.
    I will upload a video on how to get the app for free soon.

  2. Is this the real kishi controller? I don’t see this controller being sold at stores or online stores, just eBay, I’m talking about the buttons with the arrows, even the kishi website doesn’t have those 2 buttons with the arrows on their controllers

  3. Just spent a little over an hour doing literally everything you said exactly, bought panda pro, downloaded the rar file, selected USB debugging, ran it on my phone (galaxy s21+, but yes I do have the android 12 update & that may be the hindrance), selected codm, but cannot get past the home screen in codm. None of the key mapping will work. None of the keys will work on the game.

  4. The dude is a character! In a cool way! I think I'll order this controller, after the latest update, controllers are allowed! I've heard,that Activision, doesn't like the wired controllers, that's why it was an issue with Kishi, because of the usbc connector!

  5. Do you know any hacks to speed up the right analog rotation or settings .. On my COD mobile it’s not that fast compared to the touch screen itself, I’ve even adjust the setting of sensitivity on controller settings for CODM

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