How to PLAY Call of Duty MOBILE with PS4 CONTROLLER (Connect to Phone using Bluetooth!)

Do you want to know how to PLAY Call of Duty Mobile with a PS4 Controller??? You can connect your PS4 Controller to your …

37 thoughts on “How to PLAY Call of Duty MOBILE with PS4 CONTROLLER (Connect to Phone using Bluetooth!)”

  1. There’s something wrong. My PS4 controller isn’t working well with COD mobile. If I pick simple control with L2 I get ADS. But it only fires when I’m looking at the enemy. If I pick advanced mode I don’t get ADS at all. Who else is having this issue?

  2. i did everything you said on this video and the game dose not work at all like that when i move r3 nothing happens and next to the buttons if you werent playing on controller it says a button for controller and i hit those buttons and something totally different happens.

  3. I managed to connect but some buttons are inverted and the right analog stick isn't functioning so I can't look around. I'd appreciate if you'd help me if possible.

  4. Mines isn’t working for some reason I connected it via Bluetooth I connected it in game it says connected by my controller lights up like yellowish not blue and it doesn’t work for me to move and shoot at all I still have to touch screen is there anything I’m missing?

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