How To Play Android Games with a PS4 Controller! (Ft. Honkai Impact 3)

Hey guys, today we’re showing how to play android games with a PS4 controller using NOX app player and DS4Windows. In this tutorial specifically we’re playing Honkai Impact 3 with a PS4 controller!




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36 thoughts on “How To Play Android Games with a PS4 Controller! (Ft. Honkai Impact 3)”

  1. Coming from Genshin and just copying that control scheme to the best of my abilities, I really wish we could assign left and right mouse buttons to actions and disable the interactable aspect of the hud, then just moving the camera with mouse without having to drag. Seems like a pretty underwhelming PC port

  2. Hi I'm using bluestack and the only things I cant figure out are how to move the mouse with the touchpad and change my camera angle. The touch pad click works but I guess it's not set to default move the mouse.

  3. Ds4windows does NOT see any controller…and the funny thing is im actually using it right now to play other games. so DS4 sucks. apparently to fix this is even more difficult that actually using it for Honkai…makes sense(sarcasm)

  4. the thing is. i want to play with a controller on my phone. my phone runs much faster and smoother than any emulator. and I can just cast the screeen of my phone to a big tv. Looking for a video.

  5. I had problems connecting my controller to my pc via bluetooth,
    took me a while, but what I did was I pressed and held the ps button and the share button and after that I was good to go

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