How To Fix Apps Stopped Working and Crashing error on Android Device

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41 thoughts on “How To Fix Apps Stopped Working and Crashing error on Android Device”

  1. Allof my apps literally can't respond or stop working and its so annoying.
    Like TikTok, I just want to read the comments and then it stop and lag then says "TiToK wOnT rEspOnDiNG" OMFG I HATE IT! Then I have to reset my phone everytime gosh!

  2. My phone is making emergeny call automatically…. and shut down interface appears without pressing power buton…. pls sugest solution for this

  3. Got an LG and bro this sucks. It's like one minute it's working and next they just stop working and i literally have to constantly restart just for it to work again

  4. The following, VERY SIMPLE, fix worked for my phone!! I just updated all of my phone's apps. Here are the 5 easy steps:

    1) Turn your phone completely off and then on again.
    2) Open the Play Store app.
    3) Touch the three bars (or lines) in the upper left-hand corner.
    4) Touch "My apps & games"
    5) On the UPDATES tab, touch "UPDATE ALL." (To update a specific app, touch "Update" next to its name.)

    This was all it took to get my apps working again. Hope this info helps someone else! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Some of my apps are crashing
    Tiktok-when I just want to check an acc it will end up in my home screen
    Google-when I'm searching same happens to tiktok
    And I remember yesterday I need to answer in our gform but I can't open it since it's crashing but it's not in android tho…my family use Android but it didn't crash

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