How to create a Quiz App in Android Studio | Modern Quiz App Tutorials | Quiz App UI design

Hello Everyone,

In this video we are going to make a complete Offline Quiz App with using Android Studio + java.

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You can download this project from Learnoset Android App with complete documentation. Click below link to download the app

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39 thoughts on “How to create a Quiz App in Android Studio | Modern Quiz App Tutorials | Quiz App UI design”

  1. Hello sir few days ago I started to build a quiz app i saw your tutorial it's very helpful but sir i didn't get the source code I also download you're app then to I didn't get the source code can you please tell me that what to search in code section please sir help me it's very urgent please sir please🙏🙏🙏

  2. i got two problem. first, the question remain the same for every topic. second, the amount of wrong answer is not display. hope you can help me in completing my final year project

  3. Please create an answer activity where user can see question, four answers, selected answer and correct answer.. with the help of firebase, retrieve data. , Please sir 🙏

  4. I really love how good your app looks like , its the app with best xml ive seen.Hey, how can I find the source code?
    Do you have a tutoria on how we can make Youtube API''s?

  5. Hello there, Good day 🙂 I am following your tutorial and making tweaks and changes just fo9r the on screen elements like the background and the topics.

    Instead of 4 topics, I would like to have 1 topic but I am not a coder and I don't know how to randomize the questions every time they will click on a new quiz. is this a long process or is there just an alteration to the code that you can teach me? thank you.

  6. Sir I'm struggling to create two timers on the same activity where the other one is automatically selected.

    For example: I want to create sort of like a game to match this two timers (00:25:50) from this one (00:00:00) then if the player matches them he won.

    Thanks in advance. (Anyone)

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