How to Create a Mobile Touch 360 Joystick Controller in GDevelop 5 – Tutorial

Important Update —– ### Recently someone reported that the whole controller breaks when centring the camera on the ship.

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  1. Important Note 1: Recently someone reported that the whole controller breaks when centring the camera on the ship. This is because mouse coordinates change. But the good news is that there is a simple solution:

    1. Make sure to replace MouseX() and MouseY() in the events with MouseX("UI") and MouseY("UI")
    2. Make sure to position TouchRadius Sprite Object on UI Layer as well.

    Important Note 2: Please ignore this part: because while making this tutorial I've realised that the red square object called "MouseDistanceCheck" is actually not needed at all. Sorry for the confusion.

  2. OMG, U came too late for me. I also created one myself before U did and am very eager 2 see, if U did it the same way. I was actually very happy when I finally found out a good working solution. =D
    When I knew that there is so much demand for it, I'd provided a download for it as well… Thank U anyway, even if I already have my own version of it. 😉

  3. Hello bro when i put condition for moving an space ship forward it not moving when i put key pressed condition . So wt can i do to move the space ship forward plzzz give some solution

  4. I don't know if this is an error. I click the mouse and quick release mouse key, tween event is gone. The controllerposition go back to center immediately. Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. Thanks. I was able to use this approach on a recent client project where I built an isometric game and needed a method of player control on touch devices. Your video and source code saved me hours of frustration.

  6. If Anybody having problems with Joystick not in Center Edit Objects that is joystick then edit points and set the origin point to the center

  7. very good video thanks a question in GDevelop you can use game control for pc that is a USB Joystick instead of the mouse or keyboard THANKS

  8. when i tried using the joystick the object still moves although the joystick is not used. i narrowed the problem as the fact that the distance between the controllerposition and controllercenter is not zero although the x and y position is equal. How to solve it?

  9. Bro i have problem in making touch control, i have three button left right and jump.i can't touch run and jump together i think it is multi touch issue,please help me

  10. Open this project and make a new sprite as a button and make it so when you press on it it fires and you'll notice an issue. This controller registers any other touches as a controller input Can you fix it?

  11. I tried the 1st step to orient TouchPosition to center of ControllerCenter.But they didn't oriented as given in the video.{TouchPosition touching the side of ControllerCenter. ControllerRadius also followed this pattern. Why??}
    I downloaded Zip file. It worked.
    Any idea where should I look for my error????

  12. thank you very much for this tutorial … i wanted to ask you a question … when controllerposition is dragged and pressed on a different part of the screen the cursor detaches and takes the second tap as reference

  13. So I am brand new to this. When I follow you exactly, step by step, the images do not align by default. I do not know a way to make them align by default (the images align to the objects origin point over the center for some reason). This is so infuriating – help. I can make them align by changing the object's origin to the center location.

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