How to build your Unity game on Github with Game CI

Automatically build your projects to Windows, Mac, Android and other platforms as will as test and deploy using Github Actions.

Have any questions or would like me to go into more detail on something. Just post your questions in the comments.

00:00 – [Intro]
00:33 – [Overview]
01:40 – [Unity – The game to be built]
02:47 – [Git – Create your repository]
05:49 – [Github – Getting started with Actions]
06:50 – [Actions – Generate a Unity license]
11:58 – [Github – Store your license in a Secret]
14:00 – [Actions – Run your tests]
17:54 – [Actions – Build your game]
21:22 – [Actions – Deploy to Github Pages]
24:13 – [Bug!! – Fix build error in Android build]
25:40 – [Demo – Github Pages deployment]
27:00 – [Summary]

– Game.CI Documentation – Getting started (
– Github “Unity Actions” Project (
– The Game – 2D Roguelike (
– Game.CI Discord –
– This repo:
– Notes –

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12 thoughts on “How to build your Unity game on Github with Game CI”

  1. During the build for WebGL and for Windows (since I am not building for android), I get an error titled
    "Branch is dirty. Refusing to base semantic version on uncommitted changes"
    As well as warnings that things in M Library have been changed

  2. Followed example – activation.yml doesn't spawn a workflow that I can click on. ie no workflow_dispatch. Fixed it – the branch master has to be default.

  3. Got mine up and running, works really well!

    My only question would be, now that I have builds for various platforms working, how do you go about automatically creating a release using the artifacts that shows under "Releases" on GitHub?

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