How much money did my mobile games earn? (2 years indiedev revenue)

Interested in knowing how much money a gamedev earns? Want to know how much income a mobile game can generate on iOS & Android? Or how much a developer can earn from ads? ( Featuring – Unity Ads, Applovin, Admob)

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30 thoughts on “How much money did my mobile games earn? (2 years indiedev revenue)”

  1. Great video, I love your style and the polished video….I am making a game also that I might put up on a store. Did you have to pay $30 to get on the Android store and $99 for Apple?

  2. The truth is – to get at least 100$ from ads you need insane number of users. Calculate your work time, all price for tools and assets and it will be miracle if you even return all your investments. To actually make any money you must sell own products, its natural fact – advertisers pay you for ads because they making profits.
    (I past I had 10$ per day just from one small website, that days never return, now adv networks will give you 1 per year…)

  3. Dude change your startegy and make easy apps and make a shot load of them like 300 you are guaranteed to make at least $ 50 a day with that

  4. heres the deal, i read somewhere that its paramount that if your user interacts with a banner then you should make it reload another add imediately to prevent that, because they dont want people to exploit their system, its so that brands feel save paying for ads on digital services like videos and apps and its upon the developer to decide how to make sure that is the case…

  5. Holy, its amazing you have a positive outlook despite small numbers I'm not saying this to shame you or anything I'm genuinely surprised and amazed and hope to have the same positive outlook as you in all my gamedev journey. i really do wonder how do you keep such a positive outlook?

  6. I m learning to make games for almost an year now, now I am confident enough to work on a project and publish it , thanks for this review and motivation ,u earned a sub ✌️

  7. Very honest review. You're showing us the Truth. I'm also an indie game developer. My first game earn $14.7 from IAP. And $4.68 from Admob Ads. Then admob limits on my account and i never use it again. No planing to launch Paid games on Google PlayStore. Lets see it's will work on not.
    I didn't have Apple Account so i couldn't upload my game to apple store.😢

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