How Android Apps & Games Earn money | Business model of Apps and Games in your phone

In this video, I will tell you Business model of Apps and Games in your phone and how Android Apps & Games Earn money. Many of you requested this video from my side, so finally I have to make this video. So basically the main question is how these free apps and games in play store earn revenue and Income. Do share your doubts regarding android games and apps, and i will tell you their revenue model.

Android Apps and Games Business Model | How Android Apps and Games makes money

So lot of you asking for Android Apps and Games Business Model and How Android Apps and Games makes money. In this post you will get answers to all your questions regarding Android Apps and Games business model. So we are going to explain you their business models in this post.
Business Model of Android App & Games:
There are few applications which are paid and few free. Let us look into different business model of Apps.& Games.
Paid Apps & Games:
They charge for their app and in return provide services
Free Apps & Games:
Few Apps are available free of cost. They do it because companies want to support their business by selling its products or services in meeting their objectives.
Examples: PAYTM, OYO, OLA and many more…
Free Utility Apps:
These are the apps that help people in their day to day activities allowing in using basic features. This apps includes advertisements. When a customer clicks on the advertisement, they are diverted to that website. CAMSCAN generates revenues by “per click” on an advertisement.
PICS ART for example has fee and premium version which works on similar revenue generating model of CAMSCAN.
Now coming to games, those business too also work on similar model as the free, paid and free utility apps.
In games let’s take example of PubG Tencent games. The revenue model is slightly different from other games. They don’t have advertisements but they do have in app purchases. This means when the person is playing he requires tools for basic version they provide free but later when one need to upgrade the game, got to purchase points to play further. Apart from this PubG has vouchers packaged for players to buy which in turn generates revenue. These are called as in app purchases.
In the similar way, Crush App game works. Initially 5 lifelines in the games is free further there is charges to be paid for unlimited lifelines.
Few games do not charge anything from customer. They earn by selling the customer data.
Example: When the customer login they collect basic information such as Name, email ID, Phone No., occupation, state etc. and later segregate and sold to the prospective buyers as the data is verified and authentic using OTP. In few games the app asks for permission to access your contact book which means that they make the copy of your contacts which is used later for promotional activities.
Hence, users should be very careful while downloading apps. One should only go with verified apps considering safety and security.

Options are there to switch off the advertisements for uninterrupted use. All additional features are premium chargeable These apps do generate revenue by selling space for advertisements. Sustainable Revenue models are available in daily, monthly, half yearly and yearly subscription models while giving customers Premium services and functions. Examples: CAMSCAN, Pics art

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