GT-King Android Game Box – The Retro King Console for 2021 ?

GT-King from Beelink a powerfull android box only how good will it run Retro Games like PSP, Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, Mame Ect. And make your own RetroStation 14k with Emuelec only with more power !

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Where to find Android Box Systems:
H96 Max X4 – (Very Good Deal)
GT-King –
GT-King Pro –
Mecool MK6 –

Great Ali-Express Stores:
Arcade Parts:
Cheap Handhelds:

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22 thoughts on “GT-King Android Game Box – The Retro King Console for 2021 ?”

  1. Sorry mate i really thought it is a good idear to buy the beelink gt king pro
    But for me it is a giant waste of money i paid 180 Euro at aliexpress and my device never works propper that lighthouse software they use is so totaly instable
    The weatherlocation doesnt come up all apps crash every few minutes nothing really works fine
    I think I could have bought better for less
    For example if I plug in a real keyboard still half of the screen is hidden by the emulated keyboard cause you can't switch it off
    It is really a shame that almost everyone is telling you on YouTube what a great hardware you get and NOTHING works smooth

  2. As a casual gamer (used to plug and play retro consoles), what would you recommend for someone who doesn't need all the bells and whistles (Android TV box novice):

    S922X: X88 King
    , Beelink GT King or,

    S905X3: HK1 Box (MUB)

    Wiil the S905X4 work for EmuElec?

  3. For PSP, Dreamcast and N64 games are running better with Android apps rather than Emuelec.
    I think it's about Emuelec video driver are not as good as Android's driver.
    With same setting the box will be hotter under Emuelec.

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