GPD XD and GPD XD(Plus) – D-Pad Mod ( Directional pad rubber piece )

Many people have complaints about the GPD XD and GPD XD+ and the directional pad softness or “mushyness”. Someone switched the rubber piece out with one from a Rock Candy Wiimote. This makes the directional pad more firm and many think it improves the feel.

I will eventually make a written tutorial to attach to this video.


18 thoughts on “GPD XD and GPD XD(Plus) – D-Pad Mod ( Directional pad rubber piece )”

  1. To update you guys: I ordered NDS conductive pads and used them instead of rock candy wiimote. If firmer is what you want the NDS pads are waaaay better! I dpad for it did not fit so well, but i used the button pad for the nds on the xd dpad. Now i am on the lookout for the XD button pads. Still need to find a replacement. any suggestions?

  2. This helped me a lot! Thank you so much!
    I play a lot of kaizo mario on my GPD (hundreds of hours) and my conductive rubbers were destroyed, I couldn't feel when I pressed some buttons

  3. Thanks for this video. I wasn't able to make the modification. 1 of the 4 screws on the back wouldn't grip. I don't think I stripped it because I just opened it and it was being really light. I'm just gonna have to send it back and hopefully I'll get a better D-pad in the next one. The one I have is squeaky and doesn't read the right direction unless you press harder on it.

  4. Seรงรฃo Oito, is there a way to play the original GPD XD with controls plugged through a USB HUB and at the same time charge the device battery?
    Is it possible to make a modification to solve this?
    Thanks for your attention and congratulations for the content of your channel!

  5. This is awesome. I just got my XD plus and I immediately wanted a better D-pad upon first use. By the way, are the shoulder buttons supposed to be mega clicky? My new GPS XD Plus has shoulder buttons with super loud clicks to them. Is this standard, or should I get an exchange?

  6. Wouuuuuuuu !!!!!!!!!! Better than a surgeon
    I have so many pieces of rubber like that, included in the packages that I bought to have the black tapes for the screen, but now I have only one problem with one of the sticks, usually I used that instead of the cross, maybe it's more complicated to replace the stick or I'm wrong?

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