Google Play Asset Delivery for games: Product deep dive and case studies (Google Games Dev Summit)

Optimize your game delivery with the new App Bundle for games, which
enables free, customizable delivery of large game assets. Learn about the flexible delivery modes, texture compression targeting, and automatic updates, which lets you rely on Play to deliver the right assets to the right devices at right time.

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Speakers: Yafit Becher, Alessandro Dovis

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16 thoughts on “Google Play Asset Delivery for games: Product deep dive and case studies (Google Games Dev Summit)”

  1. I have tried to use this on my unity project, and my final aab file went from 260MB to 670MB no matter what delivery mode I choose for just 1 asset bundle. There should be a video that clearly and concisely explains how to use this.

  2. I have a question, why in the video is it mentioned for applications greater than 150 megabytes? If in google play it says that the maximum is 100 megabytes, do I have bad information? Please someone who is more informed, since I have an application that weighs 110 megabytes. Should i use this plugin for up load? thank

  3. Hello everyone, i have a one question about to how to use this Play Asset Delivery to Unity, because i did'nt find any documentation or video that explains how to use in Unity's project. So, i do this same question for you, how to use this Play Asset Delivery? I have my game larger than 150MB (size accepted for Google), and i don't know how to minimize more than i already made, so i have this confusion in my mind, and appreciate any help that will solve my problem.

  4. Can this also be used for non game apps? I like play asset delivery way more than play feature delivery. But not one single time on any video or document it is mentioned a non game app

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